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Pthc fuck pic

Pthc fuck pic

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Related article: Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 05:54:15 -0700 (PDT) From: Damian Subject: Close Shave for Justin pthc r y gold - Part 8Doug showed up on our doorstep a couple of days later with the clothes I had lent him to go home in after our brothers and I had trapped him in my shower and stripped and shaved him. I was home alone studying, not having any classes that day. Mom and Dad were at work, and Joey was at school. Doug probably saw my car."Well, hello, Doug," I said as he stood there kind of meekly."Hey, Justin," he said. "I wanted to return these to you." He held out a bag of clothes. "Thanks for loaning them to me.""No prob, Doug. You couldn't very well have gone top kds pthc bbs home in your wet clothes, and the neighbors might've noticed if you'd walked freelols pthc across the street naked." pthc foto I had to smile when I pictured that possibility in my mind's eye -- Doug walking home naked with his fully clothed little brother."Like lotr pthc I said the other day, I hope there are no hard feelings. I guess we worked you over pretty good.""Well, I was pretty pissed, especially when you shaved my pubes off, but I might have done the same thing if the tables had been turned."He hesitated a minute and then said, "Mind if I come in for a minute? Are you alone?""Sure, Doug, come on in. There's no one here but us.""I, uh, have a little problem, and I was wondering if I could ask you something kind of personal.""What is it?" I wondered. Doug and I hadn't had a private conversation in quite some time. It felt kind of weird and kind of exciting at the same time to be alone with him. I hoped he free ptsc pthc wasn't planning some sort of retribution, but at least I was bigger than he was."Well, I was, uh, wondering if you had any, uh, itching down there when you first got shaved," he said, glancing down at my package."No, kiddy pthc porn not much," said, in all honesty. "What's going on with you?""I can't stand it, Justin. I itch constantly, and it just pthc gallery naked keeps getting worse.""Come on downstairs, Doug. I have something that might help."He followed me downstairs, while I was hatching another idea. When we were safely in board bbs free pthc my bathroom, I said, "Why don't you drop 'em and let me have a look?"Doug hesitated a few seconds, but then he dropped his board shorts in front of me while I sat on my toilet lid so I could take a close look at his "problem." pthc vicki 69 pics Once again, he was going commando, so all free pthc webcams his stuff was on full display underage sex forum pthc to me. My own cock twitched in my pants at the sight."Don't you ever wear underwear, Doug-ie?" I taunted him."No never," he replied, a little sheepishly. "I like to swing free."I saw definite redness around his dick where his pubes had been just nude pthc gallery a couple of days ago. It looked like he'd been scratching himself a lot. I rummaged through my medicine pthc cp bbs forum chest until I found some medicated lotion that I had used once when I had jock itch. I used to get it sometimes when I ran track in high school."Let's try some of this on you," I said. I could've just handed it to him to apply, but my evil mind had other ideas. I had my cocky, arrogant neighbor boy -- just a year young than me -- standing in front of me with his pants pthc bbs tgp around his ankles, and I was going to make the most of it. I dispensed a glob galleries pthc pics of the stuff in my left hand and dipped the fingers of my right hand into it and started gently applying it to his newly bald pubic area. The palm of my hand "accidentally" came into contact with his sexy dick once or twice. Oops, how did that happen?"Oh, wow, that feels great," Doug said.I wasn't sure if he was referring to the feel of the lotion or the feel of my fingers and hand. From the looks of his expanding dick, I was pretty sure it was the latter. I hadn't shaved Doug's ball hair the other day, so I kept my fingers on his pubic area, trying not to get any of the lotion on his scrotum or dick."Sheeesh!" Doug hissed in obvious pleasure, as his uncut foreskin started revealing his cock head more and more, until finally he was pthc little boys standing there with a full pthc mexico hard-on. I hadn't been this close to it the other day, but now it was only inches from my face, and it was a real beauty."Sorry about the boner," Doug started to say. "It just felt so good to have you...""It's not a problem pthc kdv thumbnails for me," I assured him. In fact, I was mesmerized by this uncut cock in all its rigid glory. nudist pthc gallery As I wiped my hands clean of the lotion, my hormones took over and I squeezed his 7-inch pole and started working his foreskin up and down gently, exploring just how this unfamiliar cock worked."Omigod!" Doug blurted. He probably hadn't been expecting this. Or had he? He didn't back away, so I took that as a sign I could continue touching him intimately."Do you mind, Doug? I'm cut, as you probably noticed, and this is the first chance I've ever had to explore a cock that wasn't.""Be pthc tanya my guest," he pthc index forum managed to get out. He was clearly enjoying this attention. Some pre-cum was starting to emerge pthc club from his pee slit, so I knew he wanted more."Justin, are you gay?" he asked me suddenly. His direct question kind of took me by surprise. I was pretty sure I pthc bbs rompl was, but no one had ever asked me point blank."Doug, if I were gay, I would just take this beautiful cock of yours and let my mouth start licking and sucking on it. Kind of like this, actually."I dropped my wide-open mouth over his cock and slowly ran my tongue search engine belarus pthc all over it. Then I started sucking on it while pulling gently on Doug's large balls. He moaned in pleasure. I guess he had his answer.I took pthc bbs forum it out of my mouth long enough to ask him "Are you gay, too, Doug?""Justin, if I were gay, I would just kind of leave my cock in your mouth and let you suck on it as long as you wanted."As he made no move to back off, I guess I had my answer, too. So pthc tiny free there we were -- two gay boys newly out to each other. Who would have thought? Two days ago I was convinced he was the neighborhood jerk, and today I couldn't get enough of him."Justin, you have no idea how much I've dreamed of you doing something like this to me. I've admired and looked up to you for years and thought how much I wanted to see you pthc voodoo naked and be naked in front of you. When I saw you that way the other day with Matt and Joey, my dreams came true, but I couldn't let any of you know how I felt then."When you were shaving me, I got about as excited as I've ever gotten. I was protesting, banned pthc movies but I really wanted you to do anything with my body that you wanted. The fact that Matt and Joey witnessed the whole thing made it even more of a turn-on."Wow -- what unexpected candor! Was this the cock-sure, swaggering guy I wanted so desperately to bring down only two pthc index forum days ago? real pthc pic trade I was seeing him in a whole new light today. My own growing cock was desperately trying to free itself from the confines of my shorts, as I sucked greedily on his 7-inch pole, tugged on his ball sac, and ran my hands over his soft, round ass cheeks. This wasn't like sucking on Joey -- as exciting as that had been. At almost 18, Doug was more my contemporary. His body and his equipment between pthc arina and nelia his legs were more the size of my own. I didn't want this to end.I stood up long enough to pull his T-shirt off and he kicked his shorts off his feet, leaving him totally naked in front of me."Doug, turn around slowly. I want bbs pthc cp lsm to see it all."He did as I said, and I watched his very hard cock bob and weave as he turned in a full rotation, allowing my eyes to drink in his entire naked body. I loved everything about it and was simply blown away by how good looking he was and how he was letting me see and high school pthc feel everything.I took my own T-shirt off as well. Then I slipped my gym shorts and my underwear down and off so we could be fully naked together. pthc voodoo pthc bbs rompl I took his now-dripping cock back in my mouth and proceeded over the next several minutes to bring him to a teenz pthc slow, shattering climax while he stroked the back of my head and my shoulders teenz pthc with his smooth hands. He didn't breathe for a full 20 seconds just before and during his orgasm and then just gasped for breath and held onto me after it was over.I swallowed his sweet-tasting cum and stood up and embraced him chest to chest and dick to dick. He looked up at me when he had regained his senses, and I pulled his lips toward my own high school pthc and kissed him full on the mouth. We held that lip lock for quite a while -- it was exquisite!"Was this your first blow job, Doug?"He just nodded his head and replied, "And I hope it won't be my last -- that was fantastic!"Then he sat me back down on the toilet lid and fell to his knees between my open legs. My prick was standing up hard and proud, throbbing with my every heartbeat. Doug ran his fingers up and down it, pulling the skin tight so that my pee slit opened as wide as it could. Pre-cum was starting to ooze out, and he rubbed it all around the end of my eager dick. He seemed fascinated with this new "toy" and played with it for a while and then started licking all around it, lapping up every drop of my pre-cum juices and driving me into a frenzy."Have you ever had a blow job, Justin?""Well, yeah, a couple of times. Am I about to get another one?""What do you think? I've never done this before, but here goes," Doug said as he took my cock inch by inch into his eager young mouth, emulating what I had done to him minutes ago. He was doing a darn good job for his first time, I had to admit. With his hands free now, he moved them all over my thighs, my butt, and my chest, paying special attention to my hard nipples."Let's move to my bed, Doug." I hated to break the spell, but the bathroom was getting a little tight. He stood up and pulled me up with him. As pthc girls 10 years I led him to my bedroom, he was squeezing my ass playfully.Doug noticed the full-length mirror and steered me over to it, putting my naked body front and center. Now I knew just how Joey had felt the day I stripped him naked in front pthc free pics cp of the same mirror and put his body on similar display.Justin Jr. stood proud and excited and continued throbbing with each heartbeat. Doug seemed to be practically worshiping my body with his eyes and hands. Then we stood next to each other and compared ourselves. I was a couple of inches taller and probably a few pounds heavier. Doug had a more olive complexion, while my skin was paler. We both had dark hair, but I kept mine shorter for swimming. My eyes were blue, his brown. Having been shaved only two days ago, I was completely hairless below the neck, whereas Doug had a smattering of dark body hair, except for his bald pubes, of course.After we had finished admiring our bodies in the mirror, I pulled Doug over to my bed. I lay down on my back -- still with a raging hard-on -- and said, with a smile, "Now pthc kdv thumbnails just pthc gallery naked where were we?"Doug knelt between my open legs and replied "I seem to remember that this rigid pole of yours was -- where was it? -- oh, yeah, deep inside my mouth. Kind of like this."Once again, he took as much of me as he could get into his mouth and started rhythmic up-and-down sucking motions. If this was his first attempt at giving head, he was already performing like a pro. Before I knew it, my jism was starting up my chute and firing into his waiting mouth. He swallowed as much of it as he could, but sister pthc I was coming so pthc gallery top fast that some of it leaked out and down my pole.I was in heaven! -- I wouldn't have believed that this could happen when Doug came to the front door this morning. A week ago I was indifferent towards him. Two days ago I brought him down to size when he acted like a jerk when he caught me naked with our brothers. Today I wanted to pthc bbs forum spend the whole day naked in bed with him.He lowered his body down completely on mine and kissed me like I had kissed him after I sucked him off. childporn cp pthc bbs It wasn't passionate -- we were too spent now for that -- but it was a tender kiss that showed me how much he appreciated what we had done. I ran my fingers through his silky hair and gently kissed him back."I should take another look at that rash of yours in a couple of days, Doug. Thursday morning looks good to me.""I'll be here," he eagerly replied.We wouldn't have the house to ourselves much longer, so I gave him a slap on his bare rear and told him it was time for him to get dressed. He reluctantly pulled himself off me, got dressed, and touched me on the cheek as he left my room and made his way upstairs to go home. What a morning!Still naked, I walked upstairs to the kitchen for something to drink. Then I went out to the pool to do a few laps. Afterward, I dropped my wet body onto a chaise lounge and just thought about all that had happened in the past few days. Joey would be home soon, I thought with a smile, as I drifted off. pthc bbs sex portals He would find me there an hour later, still naked and asleep.I had planned to study today, but the only thing that got studied was Doug's sexy body. (I'm glad to hear that so many of you pthc vombat like Justin's adventures. In Part 9 he gets an unexpected call to rescue a teammate. Feedback is always welcome to Damian at
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